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A gas engineer Kensington is a gas fitter, who is registered to work on heating and cooking appliances which use gas. These engineers are responsible for ensuring all the equipment they fit, or are working on, is safe and secure. This includes:

The Gas Safe Register is a government-backed scheme for the registration of people and companies involved in the installation, servicing and inspection of gas appliances in homes throughout the UK.

If you are thinking about hiring a plumber or any kind of contractor to carry out work on your gas appliances, you can check their registration with the Gas Safe Register. This website is maintained by Ofgem, the official independent regulator of energy markets in Great Britain. By law all registered gas engineers must display their certificate number on every invoice, so you can be sure that any company or plumber you use is fully qualified to work on your gas appliances.

Gas services company, also known as a gas utility or gas and electricity provider is a company that sells natural gas to residential and business customers. Natural gas is an energy source that can be used for home heating and commercial purposes. The price of natural gas varies depending on the time of year, which region the customer lives in, and whether the customer receives service from a public or private utility company. Gas services companies usually provide additional services such as water, electrical power, and cable television.

A gas engineer Kensington is a person who specializes in repairing and installing gas pipes in homes and businesses. Normally, a gas engineer is an employee of the local gas company, which means that you can expect payment for their work to be added to your bill. However, there are people who are self-employed as gas engineers.

Gas engineers Kensington are responsible for maintaining both commercial and residential gas systems. They work to ensure that their clients’ heating engineer systems are safe and energy efficient, and that all aspects of the system meet the necessary building codes. During the winter, they may also inspect and repair chimneys, flues and fireplaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Safe Engineers Kensington

Why should I choose Gas Safe Registered Engineers?

There are many good reasons why you should choose a Gas Safe Registered engineer. The most important one however is safety! It is only by using a fully qualified, professionally trained and Gas Safe Registered engineer that you can be sure that your gas appliances and equipment are installed safely, legally, and correctly.

Are all engineers on the Gas Safe Register fully qualified?

Yes. All engineers on the register have been assessed as competent by Ofgem. The assessors also look at their track record, qualifications, experience and any complaints made against them. 

Do I need a gas safe engineer Kensington?

A. If you are planning to alter or extend an existing heating system, install a new appliance or boiler, do electrical works or change the location of your meter then a gas safe engineer Kensington should be engaged to ensure that the work complies with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.

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