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If you are looking for plumbers in the Kensington area, your search has ended with us. We’ve been a family owned and operated full service plumbing company for over many years. Plumbing Services West Kensington provide 24 hour emergency service as well as competitive pricing. Call us to speak with a service advisor or schedule service online at your convenience.

The essential component to a great, functioning home is an excellent plumbing system. If something goes wrong, it can be very stressful and time-consuming to fix. Here are some signs to look for if you think you might need the help of a Plumbing Services Kensington plumber:

Noisy pipes

If you hear gurgling in your drains or running water when no one is using any water in your house, there’s probably a small problem with your plumbing system. The source of the noise is usually caused by expanding and contracting pipes that have built-up sediment or old wax buildup. It can also be caused by loose pipes, which often require tightening. If not taken care of right away, this problem can cause permanent damage to your plumbing and even flood your home.

Green water

Another sign of a larger issue with your plumbing system is green water in your toilet bowl or standing water in any part of your house. This could be caused by an accumulation of leaves and other debris in the line leading from your house to the septic tank. When these build up, it causes blockages and makes it hard for waste to drain away. A clogged line will eventually lead to catastrophic failure of the entire system, which means a lot more money spent on repairs.

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